Big Data & Predictive Analytics

Solvanni from a practitioner perspective realize that the Industry need now is at an inflection point for disruptive solutions that help them not only predict what will happen for their business in the future in terms of predicting the future revenues, supply chain disruptions but also help them to implement fast solutions and decisions in a collaborative way both within the organization as well as to the extended supply chain network. We have envisioned what the Industry need that is futuristic but pragmatic solutions to the reality of what is happening in the current global supply chain. Many IT and boxed monolithic software solutions and service providers are still writing white papers and making power point presentations but Solvanni team has the solution for your today and tomorrow’s needs. Solvanni partnered with UC Berkeley to bring cross Industry and University relationship as part of its University program to create a platform and body of knowledge for both Industry Solution provider and the University in Data Science and Machine Learning. This partnership helps us to bring disruptive and predictive analytical solutions to our customers.

Customer benefits

  • Solving your Business Problem Thru Data Scientists and Machine Learning Experts delivered as a Service
  • Customer does not have to develop or build highly skilled, expensive Data Scientists or Machine Learning experts as we offer this as a service
  • Results in huge cost savings
  • High Accuracy Predictions
  • Solvanni’s Predictive algorithms and Impacted KPI based Supply Chain results are based on minimum 100 years of Industry man years of experience
  • High Value Business case & Tool Kit Approach
  • Solvanni provides high value financial and operational disruptive business case that your organization can leverage off of Solvanni’s tool kit

Solution highlights

  • Linear Programming/ Mixed Integer/ Stochastic Optimizer for Supply, Inventory and Network Optimization
  • Heuristics based Factory and Supply Planning which is most relevant for today and tomorrow’s volatile and dynamic distributed Supply Chain
  • Advanced Machine, Deep Learning and Ensemble algorithms designed to deliver high accuracy Distributor Shipment Forecast based on POS, Backlog-Bookings-Billings (BBB) and Pipeline
  • Predict Supply Chain Performance based on a company’s 10K statements and Process specific data to measure SCOR Parent and Child KPIs such as OTD, Perfect Order Rate, FLT, Inventory Turns, Inventory DOS, SCM Landed Cost, Cash to Cash cycle time, Asset Turns, Operating Margins, Return on Assets, EBIT as % of Revenue etc.
  • Predict Supply Chain disruptions for Manufacturers, Distributors, CMs, Retailers on Supply performances to Stock-outs to Service Levels
  • Predict Machine failures using Machine data that helps perform Predictive Preventive Maintenance, Alert Machine and Spare Parts manufacturers/ suppliers on-time for predictive maintenance
  • Business Platform as a Service (BPaaS) offered challenging existing Statistical models and help improve Customer’s (OEM & Distributor) predictions based on specific Industry/Product Line needs.