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Integrated Demand management process between Sales, Product Marketing, Customers, Distributors, Demand Planning, Operations, Finance and the Executive management. The Forecast process is enabled with tool automation for effective collaboration between different business functions both internal and external to the organization to achieve organization wide consensus demand plan that drives all downstream and upstream planning processes and helps develop one consistent Forecast and Demand number.

Customer benefits

  • Seamless collaboration between Sales, Marketing & BU, Operations, Finance and Customers
  • One number Consensus Forecast to drive Demand, Supply and Financial planning processes
  • Improved Forecast Accuracy at SKU and Key Customer level | Improved Order fulfilment to Customer Requested Order Date | Exception based Forecasting | Better NPI readiness and Pipeline Visibility

Solution highlights

  • Out of the Box model with Demand / Master Data management
  • Executive Management Inputs
  • Market guidelines
  • Long range plan & Annual Operating Plan
  • Statistical Forecast - Linear Regression | Multiple Regression | Holt Winters | Single and Double Exponential Smoothing | Decomposition | Best Pick Model
  • Sales Forecast - Direct Sell-In | Channel Sell-Thru | Retail POS
  • Transfer Business Forecast - Demand from Design to Fulfilment location
  • Demand from Design to Fulfilment location
  • Marketing Forecast - NPI | EOL
  • Customer Co-Planning
  • Attach Rate Forecasting like Connect or Fit Rates
  • Consensus Demand Plan - Direct | Distributor | Consignment
  • Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR)
  • Build Plan considering Delinquent Backlog, Ship ahead, Supply Constraints, Revenue Targets
  • Weekly/ Monthly S&OP Planning Calendar with Process Management

Planning Levels

Material | Customer | Sales Hierarchy | Time in Months, Quarters, Years


Volume & Mix Level Forecast Accuracy MAPE | WMAPE | Forecast Bias | Waterfall chart | Snapshots

What-If Scenario Planning

Simulate Demand Variability and impact on Inventory, Supply & Service Levels