Demand Sensing

Solution highlights

  • Generate Short-term high accuracy demand signals utilizing
    • Unique mathematical techniques
    • Real time information and POS from retail channel, lost sales, market and user sentiments to determine the real demand
  • Helps drive lowest cost possible internal distribution, manufacturing & procurement activities
  • Provides Retailer with right amount of Supply at right location and time
  • Shared network for collaboration between Manufacturer, and Retailer

Planning Levels

Material | Location | Customer | Time in Days and Weeks


Forecast Accuracy | Inventory Turnover | Inventory to Sales Ratio | Cycle Time | Inventory Quality Ratio | % Lost Sales | Inventory Carrying Cost as % of Inventory Value | Inventory obsolescence as a % of total inventory | Inventory value per $1,000 total revenue | Return on working capital

Customer benefits

  • Reduced Inventory and Costs at Retail channels
  • Improves Sales, Customer order fulfillment, Improved profits
  • Reduced Stock outs
  • Balance Inventory across Store retailers
  • Improved Forecast Accuracy