Supply Chain Visibility

Predictive and Prescriptive Platform for the Industry 4.0

A true Systems and Process Integration that connects various manufacturing and supply chain operators to provide real time visibility. Cross network real time visibility into purchase orders, production orders, shipment status, factory through put, customer demand changes or market and user behavior. Measure, monitor and predict key performance indicators such as Perfect order fulfilment, supplier performance, production delays impacting service levels, inventory or lost sales. Business rules across the supply chain partners, to measure and track real time supply chain events and its impact on the order line item to the nth level, Inventory positions, predict risks well in advance by what-if simulations, and perform profitability analysis for not only the brand owner or the retailer but also for the nth level supplier.

Prescriptive analytics based on machine learning algorithms that prescribes the decision-making actions for humans and systems to execute and respond. Complies with the Industry 4.0 standard i.e. humans to define the rules and over a period of time becomes a learning system that can automatically execute decisions and enable businesses and planners to focus on continuous improvements and operational excellence.

Frameworks for Supply Chain Visibility, Prediction and Prescription


Predictive Analytics

Prescriptive and Artificial Intelligence

  • Purchase Order Status across Supplier Network
  • Insights into total Procurement Cost
  • Cheapest Supplier
  • Quickest Supplier
  • Optimal Supplier
  • Alternate sources of supply
  • Onboarding of Suppliers and CMs from design, prototyping, BOM reductions and manufacturing
  • Shop floor Production Order Status
  • Throughput
  • Work center Performance
  • Natural disasters disrupting Supplier/ Supplies
  • Production delays disrupting Service levels
  • Plant and Machine Uptime
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Push/ Pull Manufacturing
  • Risk tolerance levels
  • Demand changes
  • Market and User sentiments
  • Real time Demand Sensing
  • Inventory and Lost Sales
  • Build Strategy MTS/ MTO/ ATO/ Postponement
  • Balance Safety stock & Service Levels
  • In Transit Inventory
  • Delivery delays
  • Perfect Order Fulfilment
  • On time Delivery
  • JIT, KANBAN drivers
  • Shelf connections