Statistical Forecasting Service

Solvanni specializes in Statistical Forecasting models and offering it as a Service to various customers through business process (BPaaS) outsourcing model. We provide a cloud platform for customers to upload the historical data - Backlog/ Bookings/ Billings and choose from an array of Statistical models that includes the system to automatically detect the demand patterns and pick the best-fit model and publish out the Statistical forecast. The system does demand segmentation based on your data and applies the right statistical models to provide the most accurate forecast that contains the least forecast error.

Service Highlights

Out of the Box Statistical Models at Multiple Planning Levels

  • Basic Methods : Naive | Moving average and Weighted Moving Average | Single and double Exponential Smoothing | Holts Double Exponential Smoothing | Brown's Triple Exponential Smoothing | Sum Squared Error | Standard Deviation of Error | Root Mean Square Error | R-Squared
  • Business Events : Promotions | Life Cycle | Cannibalization | New Product Introduction | End of Life | Run-Rate
  • Casual Forecasting : Regression with Dynamic Lagging | Simple Regression | Linear Regression
  • Descriptive : Variance | Sum of Standard Deviation | Skewness | Range Forecasting
  • Seasonal : Holt-Winter's Exponential Smoothing (Additive and Multiplicative) | Decomposition (Additive and Multiplicative)
  • Slow Moving & Replenishment : Safety Stock | Target Safety Stock Vs. Service Level Trade-Offs | Croston's Intermittent Model
  • Smoothing Factors : Configurable Alpha/ Beta/ Gamma Smoothing factors
  • Best-Pick : Solvstat ™
  • Intuitive reports for easy analysis for humans

KPIs Delivered:

Industry standard: Forecast Accuracy % | MAPE | WMAPE | MAD | Water Fall | Forecast Churn

Customer Benefits:

  • Use it as a Service anytime with process and model support delivered to your unique business need and Product/ Customer portfolio
  • Demand segmentation is combined with Statistical Forecasts
  • Algorithms and developed and supported by industry renowned Phd Professors from leading Universities
  • Solvanni's Data Scientists fine tune the algorithms and apply the best Alpha/ Beta/ Gamma smoothing factors to generate the most accurate and reliable Statistical forecast that you can use is as baseline to drive subsequent Demand Planning processes