Inventory Vs Service Evaluation

Growing need to continuously optimize Supply Chain is new norm which requires organizations to evaluate, monitor and improve the three main optimization criteria - Demand- Inventory and Service level targets. This enables visibility into supply and demand changes required from the raw material suppliers to the ODMs, CMs, and OEMs and all the way to the retail outlets and end consumers. Timely and accurate information is the only way to improve forecast accuracy, balance costs and service levels, and keep small problems from becoming large, global ones.

Solvanni offers a platform on the cloud as a Service for customers to continuously evaluate the balance between Demand, Inventory and operational Service levels by loading your own data and receiving strategic reports to take actions. High end analytics to slice and dice your data at multiple planning levels helps you to view the health of your Supply Chain. The analytics reports comprise of Demand - Inventory - Service Levels - Planning Strategies and Recommendations

Service Highlights

Out of the Box evaluation answers following key questions

  • What is the demand pattern of my products in various product line/ business units
  • What level should the Statistical Forecast be run for which product family and product group
  • Which products can and cannot be statistically forecasted
  • What should be the Forecast error and Accuracy target?
  • How does the Inventory and Service level trade off look like?
  • How is the Inventory position with respect to Demand?
  • How is the Safety stock level compared to product line/ family strategy?
  • How much can Inventory be optimized by improving Forecast accuracy and aligning Service levels?
  • What should be the build strategy for various products?

KPIs Delivered:

Industry standard: Forecast Accuracy % | MAPE | WMAPE | MAD | Service Level - Safety Stock trade off | Inventory Days of Supply (DOS)

Customer Benefits:

  • Supply Chain savings recommendation as a Service using your own data.
  • Provides insights to Customers to improve Forecast Accuracy and optimize on Inventory and Service levels
  • Helps perform root cause analysis and identify process areas for improvements
  • Process improvement roadmap with business benefit based prioritized implementation plan
  • Supported Technology assessments, recommendation and implementation plan