Kaizen & Lean Six Sigma

Solvanni brings Master Black belts and Green belt certified professionals with years of experience in running Continuous process improvement Kaizen and Lean Six Sigma programs for fortune 500 companies. This program fosters the culture of continuous improvement to increase value and imbibes the principle of changing for better. Lean Methodology is a set of practices to improve manufacturing processes and eliminate waster with its application extended to all types of business processes. Six Sigma is an integrated, disciplined approach for reducing defects and producing measurable financial results as this is a data driven methodology focused on driving down process variation.

Value Delivered

  • Quantified Process improvement KPIs: Increased Productivity | Throughput | Defect Reduction | Customer Satisfaction | Market Growth
  • Financial Cost Savings ( Cost Savings as a Service CSaaS ™)
  • Create a continuous Customer focused learning organization with improved critical-to-quality factors
  • People owned and run Change management
  • Qualitative factors for organizational realignment

Service Highlights

Solvanni's Approach

Conduct Kaizen Planning Session which focusses on

  • Team Formulation
  • Review Process in challenge to be improved
  • Create the Charter for Kaizen event that includes: Problem statement | Objectives | Key success factors | Scope | Kaizen team members | Kaizen event dates
  • High level process maps and pain points documentation
  • Interviews with internal stakeholders

Conduct Kaizen Event which focusses on

  • Training the key stakeholders on Kaizen and Lean techniques
  • Current As-Is Process mapping
  • Detail the pain points of processes involved and impacted
  • Define the future state To-Be process with benefits that eliminate all the pain points
  • Detail the process and technology gaps with prioritized improvement action items plan
  • Clearly layout the business rules to make future state process successful with expected results
  • Create Implementation roadmap for the future state
  • Form a implementation project team and assign resources

Execute Implementation

  • Improve future state process, based on Impact-Effort matrix,
    • High Impact/Low Effort in weeks
    • Low Impact/Low Effort in weeks
    • High Impact/High Effort in months
    • Low Impact/High Effort: Last priority