KPIs & What-If Modeling

With widespread outsourcing of production activities and pressure on manufacturing managers to be cost competitive and offer unique Customer value requires high quality products delivered on time, at a competitive price and with excellent customer service. Be it Brand owner or Contract manufacturers or Retailers or Logistics providers, everyone is challenged to know their performance in terms of how well they are doing with respect to their competition and also how they are comparing to their peers who may be doing better processes and technologies.

We recommend our Customers the 4 Step approach to achieve Operational excellence

  • Step-1 : Measure process KPIs and benchmark
  • Step-2 : Design and implement Improvements using Quality Techniques like Kaizen, Six Sigma, Statistical Process Control and Total Quality Management
  • Step-3 : Train the Employees and build on existing Skills
  • Step-4 : Monitor, continuously improve and raise the expectations

At Solvanni we bring years of experience in implementing both Process and Technology solutions that help measure various key process driven metrics related to Supply Chain, Order to Cash, Procure to pay, Inventory and Warehouse management. These metrics are tailored to current business processes and benchmarked against SCOR or APQC industry standards and the benefit enablers are focused on People, Process and Technology.

Supply Chain Financial Metrics
Fill rates COGS
COGS as a percentage of Revenue Gross and Operating Margin
Order Management Costs Gross and Net Profits
Perfect Order Rate Inventory Turnover
Inventory Turns Revenue Growth
Cash to Cash Cycle time Revenue per Customer
Forecast Accuracy
Order fulfilment Cycle time
Procurement Cycle time

Customer benefits

  • Enable Customers adopt to industry standard processes and best-in-class practices with What-If analysis
  • Process KPI dashboards for each process stakeholder
  • KPI performance alerts and drill down to root cause with recommendations to improvement areas
  • Work flows to assign actionable tasks to process participants both internal and external to the organization
  • Improved Operational and People efficiencies