IoT/ M2M Integration

IOT will reach 26 billion connected devices in 2020, with an exponential growth of 30 times the installed base in 2009, when connected devices in the web were just 900 million. The Internet of Things excluding PCs, tablets and smartphones, will generate incremental revenue exceeding $300 billion in services in 2020. Gartner refers to the companies that provide the hardware, software and services as IoT suppliers. The incremental IoT supplier revenue contribution from IoT in 2020 is estimated at $309 billion. Gartner also clearly identified one of the industries that are currently leading the adoption of IOT is Manufacturing at 15 percent. Also Manufacturing has been identified as one of the vertical markets that will mainly contribute to the development of the IoT. Industrial automation is one of the top sectors with major use of IT.

Solvanni's IoT framework brings various components of the Supply Chain ecosystem to better manage the supply chain to address Supply Chain visibility challenges. Collaborating with manufacturers and enablers of Internet of Things (IoT) devices there is a compelling opportunity to integrate a staggering array of devices and applications. IoT can potentially transform nearly every aspect of how we live, work, and play, in local and global levels. The framework enables to network smart, connected devices with data ingested on to Big Data platforms to perform business analytics which are predictive, prescriptive and cognitive helping deliver to the world more intelligent and connected supply chains.

Solution highlights

  • Connect Assets and devices using sensors in the Value chain
  • Operational Analytics for Predictive Maintenance services
  • Device control and Service requirements planning
  • Inventory and delivery tracking
  • Closed loop planning and Execution process
  • Intelligence by event linkages with KPIs, Risks and Cost metrics

Customer benefits

Predict Plant and equipment failures and provide maintenance services in advance helps reduce high cost of Machine downtime

Better visibility into Shop floor and In-Transit Inventory helps better Inventory reconciliation and material planning

New business models and Service offerings for manufacturers with increased revenues

Enables existing devices to transform into a smart device with minimum impact on the existing architecture and standardizes the common interface for all devices to push data onto a central platform for data analytics and decision making