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Calculating historical design pipeline to revenue conversion rates & revenue ramp profiles to apply to the current sales pipeline funnel to project future revenue, rolling gap to the annual operating plan (AOP) & to set design win targets by customer segment, geography, product hierarchy & market segment

Customer benefits

  • Executive & Stake-holder Transparency
  • Dashboard of future gap to AOP/SBP giving the organization enough time to react to negative trends
  • Roll-up by key segments including product hierarchy, customer tier, geography & market
  • Agile Performance of a Cloud-Based App
  • Ease of use through Anaplan by global analysts working in the same dataset
  • Significant reduction in analyzing time (months to minutes)
  • Uses big data sets including OEM billings, channel POS, & sales pipeline funnel (historical & current)
  • Automated Time Frame Normalization
  • Correlation of calendar / fiscal year to production starts automatically plot ramp profiles
  • Industry-specific channel fulfillment complexity encapsulated in the app algorithm
  • Transparency to Design/Deal Win Target Setting & Warning Signs
  • Informed decision making with enough notice to react to changes in pipeline which effect production starts, revenue attainment & Sales / FAE resource management

Solution highlights

Solution Feature Industry Problem
Data : Bottoms Up design to revenue pairing Blending large scale pipeline to BBB data sets with existing tools
Prediction : revenue projection by year, revenue gap to AOP/SBP, pipeline revenue summary, design win ranking Identifying gaps to annual operating plan with unpredictable pipeline reporting
Ramp Profile : design win ramp profile by product line, summary & calculation Identifying & tracking the production ramp by individual opportunities to predict total pipeline consumption over time
Calculation : Annual normalization relationship, LTV to revenue details, LTV to revenue product calculation, revenue to design win correlation details, normalized quarterly revenue details Correlating the production ramp with calendar or fiscal years as projects start at varying times across customers, market segments & product hierarchies
Dashboard : Design win dashboard Clear & transparent reporting of the health of the pipeline with enough time to act by executive management