Supply Chain Visibility Scorecard

Supply Chain Visibility assessment is conducted based on SCOR Processes (Plan-Make-Source-Deliver-Return-Enable) and score carding performed based on following Supply Chain visibility factors,

  • 1. Data : Key Supply Chain Data, Volume, Accuracy, Timeliness and detail
  • 2. Systems Integration : Supply Chain related Systems, Data Objects and Accessibility of data
  • 3. Predictive Analytics : Recognize, Improve, Learn/ Develop on Supply Chain events
  • 4. Decision Making : Supply Chain decision drivers and enablers for disruptive decision making

Solution Highlights

  • SCOR Process Visibility both internal and external to the Organization
  • SCOR process to Data Criticality for an efficient Supply Chain
  • Relevant Visibility Technology Solutions Vis-a-vis Costs

Customer benefits

Provides end-to-end Supply Chain state of Visibility to Manufacturers, Suppliers and Partners in terms of following key drivers and performance improvements,

  • Manufacturers Supply Chain Maturity levels : On-Time delivery | Lower Total Prodn. Costs | Lower Inventory levels | Faster NPIs to market | Responsiveness and Flexibility | Improved Quality
  • Inventory Optimization and Lead Time : Improved Inventory turns | Reduce inventory | Reduce procurement lead times | Cater to short product cycles
  • Factory Systems Integration : Rate of error prone data transfers
  • Total Economic view of the Factory : Actual cost of product produced | Projected cost of a proposed product | Improved profitability | Factory efficiency
  • Customer and Supplier Onboarding : Reduced overall IT costs | Reduced opportunity costs
  • Data Collection and Open Manufacturing : Reduce lead time | Improve response time | Reduce data entry and errors cost | Yield improvement
  • Process Automation and Control : Factory efficiency | Improved productivity
  • Partner Collaboration and Data Exchange : Reduce NPI lead time | Reduce defect rates | Reduce transactional errors