Product/ Customer Segmentation

Customer benefits

  • Helps define business rules to construct the highest quality demand from multiple input signals
  • Helps define Demand management characteristics and the right strategies
  • Manage each category with a different demand plan creation approach
  • Defines the right Make or Buy build strategies
  • Helps improve Customer co-planning and collaboration to improve Forecast Accuracy
  • Helps Customers partners achieve a common understanding of business direction and plan resource levels to balance demand and supply

Solution highlights

Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) & One Time Assessment
Demand Segmentation
  • Booking patterns and Product variations
Product Segmentation
  • Product lifecycle stage & duration
  • A, B, C classification (price, volume, revenue, margin)
  • Product Groups with specific characteristics
Customer Segmentation
  • Key accounts v/s other
  • A, B, C classification (price, volume, revenue, margin)
Build Strategy Segmentation
  • Build to Forecast/Build To Order/Assemble to Order/ Build to Stock
  • VMI customers v/s others
  • Commodity v/s others